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We are a humanitarian institution recently founded by young scientists and university graduates.

It is no secret that the problems in Africa have received increasing public attention in recent times. It is also known that in the majority of the cases, well intended help does not reach the destination for which it was doomed for. In an attempt to ascertain that financial and material aid arrives to the intended audience, we created the non-profit association called Kamerun4AfrikaClub e. V.

The association has dedicated itself to the enhancement and well being of the poorest of the poor, predominantly children in the context of educational welfare and health care. These persons should be living in the improvised regions of our world where the primary focus will be in Africa and starting in Cameroon.  As a first step to achieve these goals, the association has concentrated its efforts to make education accessible to children and teenagers in disadvantaged regions of Cameroon.

Education is an invaluable human asset and shall give these children and young adults an enduring perspective for a better future. Besides, education will go a long way to fight the battle against poverty. Still, making education to the disadvantaged and the underprivileged accessible also helps in combating banditry, child labour and forced prostitution.

Our concept is based on offering yearly stipends to selected candidates, who are predominantly children and teenagers from underprivileged families, orphans and half-orphans who cannot afford basic or advanced school education. Individual scholarships will be extended on the basis that the stipend beneficiary does not repeat a class.

In order to finance these stipends, we kindly ask for your support.

We assure you that our finances will be employed only for the objectives they are intended for. For example, it will be ensured that one of our members travels once a year to Cameroon to oversee the projects and to keep an eye over their progress and hereby preventing any malpractice if at all. In a similar light, we also guarantee that our administrative expenses will be kept as minimal as possible. In addition, it is of utmost importance for us to provide our members with an enormous spectrum of transparency with regards to the association's finances. Members can keep track of the association's activities by consulting the homepage and they shall also be entitled to an annual report. Active members shall also have unprecedented access to the books of the institution.

In Africa, many young people believe their future is bleak in the continent. The media reports constantly how young people risk their lives to emigrate to Europe - which to them is the Promised Land. Therefore, it is of pivotal importance to help enable these persons to see their country as a country with a future and to stay there with courage, dedication and engagement.

Let us all contribute in assisting where it is possible and absolute necessary. Play your part in providing a bright future where hope and perspectives are missing today.

We will immeasurably appreciate your support and hereby thank you for your interest.


Akuma Saningong

President of KAC e. V.


"My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together." - Desmond Tutu

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