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Socialising with clients can be part of your enterprise philosophy and can be unraveled in a variety of ways. For example, activities connected with social engagement for customer care should not only be limited during the Christmas season.

Donations instead of presents

As a replacement to gifts to your colleagues, you can assign a donation to Kamerun4AfrikaClub e. V. On request, we formulate a welcome speech for you in form of a card during festive occasions.

Action "left-over cents"

Motivate and encourage your colleagues to donate amounts of money which are the digits after the comma on their pay slips to Kamerun4AfrikaClub e. V.


Help publicize our homepage or to win donors by setting a link under your E-Mail signature.

Ideas for texts

I am an active member of KAC e.V.:
I am a sustainable member of KAC e.V.:
I am a donor to KAC e.V.:


You can help to win donors by incorporating the address of our homepage ( in your E-Mails.
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