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Corporate Identity - Einfach Gutes Tun!

Kindern und Jugendlichen durch finanzielle Unterstützung in Form von Bildungsstipendien den Zugang zu (Aus-)Bildung ermöglichen. Zunächst mit Schwerpunkt Kamerun, später auch in anderen afrikanischen Ländern.
Herzlich Willkommen auf der Homepage des KAC e. V.!
Corporate Identity - Just Do Something Good!

Giving disadvantaged Children and Youths education and vocational training by the allocation of yearly renewable stipends. Focus at the moment is Kamerun and in the long run Afrika as a whole.
Welcome to the homepage of the Kamerun4AfrikaClub!



Thesis Defense of Rudolf Bongeh – A Congenital Blind Man

„The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.“ - Helen Keller

Rudolf is another typical success story of our organisation. Despite his shortcomings of being blind from birth, he never allowed that to stop him to quench his thirst for education and to contibute to the wellbeing of humanity.

We sponsored him to obtain a Bachelor Degree at the University of Buea, Department of Special Education. Thereafter, he was successful to be admitted into the Higher Teachers’ Training College Bambili affiliated to the University of Bamenda. We also stood behind him in taking care of his tuition and accomodation during the 2-year programme. He was at the Department of Guidance and Counseling.

Now he is awaiting his graduation and he will be assimilated into the Cameroonian Civil Service System as a High School Teacher.

He has made us so proud.

We use this singular opportunity to profusely thank all of our members, sponsors and donors of the organisation. Without your help, we would not have gone this far in the empowerment of children and young adults.

We are happy and touched.

Akuma Saningong, PhD
Founder and Chair of Kamerun4AfrikaClub


Diploma of Ngwa Claude

Ngwa Claude is a typical success story. He has been in our program from the humble beginnings of the organisation in 2007. We sponsored him through secondary and high school. Now he has completed a two year Diploma studies in Civil Engineering at the Advanced School of Public Works in Buea, Kamerun. With this, he is now eligible to complete a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Bamenda that shall last one year. We are happy to keep on supporting him for his quest for education.



Our Stipendiaries at Presbyterian High School (PHS) Wum

Kamerun4AfrikaClub is happy to support the education of three students at the PHS Wum.
They are Buh Randy Dorcas of Form 1, Ndifor Fanny Blanche of Form 2 and Toh Albert Chemse of Lower Sixth Arts. Also see the appreciation letter from the principal of the college, Ms Patience Sama Ndi.

Alahsa Desmond - Our Stipend Holder at Longla Comprehensive College (LCC) Mankon

Desmond is a Form 3 student at LCC Mankon. We are happy to support him in his quest for education. You also find campus pictures of LCC Mankon! To learn more about the college, click on this link!


Dr. Akuma Saningong one of the most influential Africans in Germany again

For two successful years, the founder of Kamerun4AfrikaClub e. V. has been honoured and recognised by the renowned and presitigious African Heritage Magazine as one of the “100 Most Influential Africans in Germany”. 2014 and now for 2015/2016. Meet these tremendous people who are doing so much in terms of socio-economic development for their country of destination (Germany) and their countries of origin. In my case Cameroon. On the picture, you find me on the 4th row, the 6th person counting from your left „smile“-Emoticon!

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A person shouldn’t be dependent on another for existence. For this reason, the KAC e.V. is trying to alleviate the situation of its stipend beneficiaries by making education and vocational training accessible to them. In the light of this, we are giving them a perspective for the future so that they won’t only be of help to themselves but to their families and community as a whole.

“You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves”. -Abraham Lincoln

Educated and skilled people play a pivotal role in their local economy and thereby help others in the context of self empowerment and financial independence. With your help we could jointly see that this becomes a reality - thus making the world a better, peaceful and equitable place to live.

Education should be our shield, our sword and our olive branch.
Akuma Saningong

Our Brand and Core Message: Towards a Bright Perspective!

KAC e.V. – The pathfinder for Children, Teenagers and Young Adults in Cameroon and beyond!

As a pacesetter, the KAC e.V. doesn’t only enable poor and needy individuals of the target group to have an educational or vocational training background but it accompanies them along their professional careers so that they can have a future with perspectives.

In addition, the KAC e.V. explores the know-how of its members according to the dictates of their conciences and within the realms of their possibilities in assisting the targeted audience in having a firm stand in life.

Our Philosophy: Provide trustfulness through transparency! This is the cornerstone of our corporate cultur.

Ein Mensch sollte nicht von einem anderen Menschen abhängig sein. Aus diesem Grund setzt sich der Kamerun4AfrikaClub e.V. für eine Schul- und Berufsausbildung seiner Stipendiaten ein. Mit dieser Ausbildung geben wir den Menschen in Kamerun eine Perspektive und ermöglichen ihnen ihr Leben selbst zu bestimmen.

"Man hilft den Menschen nicht, wenn man für sie tut, was sie für sich selbst tun können." -Abraham Lincoln

Ausgebildete Menschen tragen aktiv zur Gestaltung der lokalen Wirtschaft bei und ermöglichen so weiteren Menschen Arbeit und Ausbildung. Mit Ihrer Hilfe können wir zusammen diesen positiven Impuls geben.

Bildung war mein Schild, mein Schwert und mein Olivenzweig. Helfen Sie den Menschen für sich selbst zu sorgen. Ihr Akuma Saningong

Positionierung und Kernbotschaft - Einmal Zukunft bitte!

KAC e.V. – Der Wegbereiter für Kinder und Jugendliche in Kamerun!

Als Wegbereiter ermöglicht der KAC e.V. bedürftigen Kindern nicht nur (Aus-)Bildung, sondern begleitet sie auch auf ihrem beruflichen Weg in die Zukunft.

Der KAC e.V. nutzt die Erfahrungen seiner Mitglieder, um nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen den kamerunischen Kindern und Jugendlichen, die Hilfe auf ihrem beruflichen Weg in die Zukunft benötigen, Perspektiven durch (Aus-)Bildung zu ermöglichen.

Die Kamerun4AfrikaClub Philosophie "Vertrauen schaffen durch Transparenz"! Das ist der zentrale Pfeiler unserer Vereinskultur.
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